Frequently Asked Questions

1 . Why have a gathering or funeral service?

A funeral is a gathering of family and friends to celebrate the significance of a life. This is a chance to reflect on how the life of a loved one has touched your own lives. It can be as personalized as you want it to be. Funeral services can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire. The process of planning and attending the funeral give people an outlet to grieve.

2 . What type of funeral fits your family?

Every funeral is different. A family should make a funeral choice that fits their needs at the time of loss. Among the options to consider are: traditional service with burial or cremation, graveside service, memorial service after cremation or any type of arrangement that is right for your family. Many people are now using our pre-planning and pre-funding services to ensure their wishes are carried out upon their death – and to relieve family and friends from additional stress.

3 . How can we make it personal?

A funeral can be as unique as the person who died. Picture displays and video tributes are examples of the several ways to portray and celebrate the life of a loved one. Not only do these provide family and friends with a visual means to remember their loved one, assembly picture boards are also an opportunity to reminisce while designing the display. We can assist you in providing display boards or other supplies for your needs.

Some families choose unique songs and music to play at the service. Displaying personal items or treasures can also be a good way to personalize the service. In some cases, people attending take time to share their stories. Having a reception following the funeral or memorial service provides fellowship and a place for people to gather and visit in a more casual setting.

4 . What choices/decisions do we need to make?

Our funeral home staff will assist you in taking care of the many details involved in the funeral process. We will help guide you throughout the process including:

* selection of the type of service you wish to have and where
* decisions regarding participants in the funeral service
* selection of the final resting place or cemetery
* visitation options
* obituary information (i.e. which newspapers, photos, how many days to publish)
* casket and/or urn selection
* special needs and requests

5 . Should we view the body?

This may be one of the most difficult moments for families to experience, but often holds the greatest value. With the reality of the death comes the beginning of the healing and comforting process. Your last view of the loved one is the one you carry for the rest of your lives, so it is important this memory be positive. Although this step of the funeral is recommended, viewing is a personal choice and the decision to have the casket open will always be left to the family.

6 . What about cremation?

Cremation is simply an alternative to burial. All of the options included in the traditional burial service approach are available for cremation. A funeral or memorial service can be held prior to or after the cremation process. A rental casket can be used if a family wants to view the body for visitation and funeral services, after which the body would be cremated and ashes can be either buried or scattered. The funeral staff will guide you through the options available with cremation services.

7 . What about cemetery/final resting place?

The burial space is an important decision. This is where the family will gather for the final stage of the funeral process and provides the final resting place. There are many cemeteries in the Twin Cities and choosing one is a decision our staff can assist you with if cemetery space has not already been chosen. There are also veteran’s cemeteries available for those who have served our country which are provided as a benefit by the government. For more information, visit:

8 . What about pre-arranging and pre-funding a funeral?

By planning and arranging a funeral in advance, you have the opportunity to discuss your wishes with your family. Having the details of a loved one's funeral or memorial service settled before death allows families to make informed decisions.

Pre- funding a funeral enables you to set funds aside to cover the costs of the funeral arrangements. These expenses can be partially or fully funded through the legal establishment of funeral trusts or life insurance. These funds earn interest and are fully portable.

9 . How much will the funeral cost?

The type of service and other items selected determines the cost of a funeral. An estimate of costs based on items and services selected is provided to the family. Our general price list is provided for easy reference. A funeral does not have to be an extravagant display as there are caskets and urns available at all cost levels to fit the needs of every family. All funeral homes are required to provide an estimate of costs. At David Lee Funeral Home we remain committed to paying attention to all details of your service.

10 . What services are provided for veterans?

A qualified veteran with an honorable discharge is entitled to various benefits. Burial at a national cemetery is one of the major provisions, typically including the burial space, a marker and burial vault. Other benefits include a burial flag, a headstone at a private cemetery, military funeral honors/taps and transportation costs if death occurs at a veteran’s hospital or nursing home. We can assist you in determining your benefits or you can contact Veterans’ Administration at:

11 . What benefits are available to help with costs?

Several means of financial assistance may be available at the time of need. Social Security department provides a lump-sum death benefit of $255.00 given to the surviving spouse or dependent children under 18 years of age. Veterans Administration benefits may also apply (see above). If the deceased was a railroad employee there are benefits that can be applied for. Families should also look into employee benefits to help defray funeral expenses.

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