Pre-Arranging and Pre-Funding

Pre-planning a funeral helps you confirm your desires and assures that your preferences will be carried out upon death. This confidence will provide you with emotional and financial peace of mind. Our pre-arrangement services include a step-by-step guide that allows you to choose the services that reflect your life. We will walk you through the many options that are available. The most efficient means of pre-funding is a life insurance policy up to the estimated value of the funeral costs. This policy can easily be setup for you at the funeral home by our director who is certified to issue your policy. The cost of the funeral can be estimated based on your selections and this amount can be safely set aside in the insurance policy.

Pre-funded policies

    100% of funds are payable to the beneficiary at the time of death
    Funds accrue interest that offsets inflation
    Funds are placed in an insured institution
    Funds are in an account in your name as the beneficiary
    Arrangements can be revised at any time
    Any pre-funding is completely portable in the event that you relocate
    Pre-funding can be used to spend down assets to help qualify for Medical Assistance

Psychologists have counseled that funeral pre-arrangements and pre-planning at a funeral home help the bereaved family through the process of grief and acceptance. By freeing you from the tasks related to the funeral, you are able to focus on your healing.

Click here to print out our pre-arrangement brochure. Or click here to make your pre-arrangements online.
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