Tips for Those Who Grieve:

 Give yourself time to grieve.
 Take care of yourself physically: Rest, eat and exercise.
 Consider joining a support group or meeting with a counselor.
 Jot down thoughts and feelings in a journal.
 Remember that it’s OK to cry; tears can be healing.
 Seek comfort in your faith, if that feels right.
 Work through your “unfinished business” with the deceased person to express your love, gratitude, regrets, anger. You might try an armchair conversation with him or her.
 Develop comforting rituals that continue your bond with the person, like looking through photos, preparing familiar meals or marking anniversaries.
 It’s OK to cherish belongings of the person who has died, like jewelry, books or furniture.
 You may find satisfaction in carrying on your loved one’s work.
 Seek comfort in your lifelong sources of joy, such as nature or music.
 Pay attention to your kids; they are grieving, too.
 Know that pangs of sadness and longing are normal, even years after the death.

Tips for friends and supporters of the bereaved:

 Don’t be silent or afraid to talk about the deceased person.
 On the anniversary of his/her death, ask how the survivor is doing, or whether there’s anything you can do to help.
 Write a note remembering the person who died, for example to his/her children.

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